The Rural Workers’ Protest 2021, #RWP21

On 19th March 2021 rural workers on land and river will send a message to Scottish Government that they need a new politics - a politics that works for them and their families.

The Rural Workers’ Protest 2021, #RWP21, is your chance to get involved.

Whether you are a gamekeeper, a fishing ghillie, a deer manager, a crofter, a farmer, a business which depends on these industries or just someone who respects the countryside and rural workers, you can show your support.

The Protest runs from 7am to 10pm on Friday 19th March, 2021.

You will find and follow the Protest page, here for all the updates

For more about why we are protesting, visit here and add your name, if you agree (instructions are on the page).


10 ways to get involved:

1/ Add our #RWP21 frame to your Facebook page, if you have one.

2/ Write to or email your MSP and say why you support #RWP21. Tell them why rural workers are being short-changed. Find your MSP, and their contact details, by typing your postcode into the relevant box on this page. When done, send a copy to and your letter will be entered into a competition for ‘Best MSP letter’.

3/ Download a protest poster, here. Take a pic or video with it. Send it to and we can post it on your behalf on March 19th. OR, post it yourself on the Protest page on March 19th, using the #RWP21 hashtag. Not on Facebook? Post it on your own site but remember to use #RWP21.

4/ Hang your poster in an interesting place. Take a pic or film and follow the steps (above). There will be a prize for the best Poster photograph or film in the most interesting location.

5/ Follow up any newspaper coverage you see with a letter to the newspaper letters page, telling them why #RWP21 is needed. Send a copy to and your letter will be entered into the ‘Best Media Letter’ competition, with a prize to be won.

6/ Make a film saying your name, your profession/interest, where you are and why you support #RWP21. Post it on the Protest page on 19th March, using the hashtag #RWP21. If you are on another platform, post it to your page, using #RWP21. OR send it to We can post it on your behalf.

7/ On March 19th, like, share, retweet and comment on all the #RWP21 posts from the Protest page, from The Scottish Gamekeepers Association and from Scotland’s regional moorland groups. Let’s keep our message high on the agenda.

8/ If you are a business which benefits from rural workers, show your support by joining the Protest and taking some of these actions. We are all in this together. There will be a prize for best Business supporter of #RWP21

9/ Like and follow the pages of The Scottish Gamekeepers Association and Scotland’s regional moorland groups. You will find content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Comment on the good work, even after #RWP21 is over. Let’s build a legacy from the Protest.

10/ Encourage friends, family, colleagues - even Granny - to get involved in any way they can. It is time to stand together. It is time to Unite on Land and River.

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