Economic Benefits

The skilled management work of Scotland’s gamekeepers, stalkers, ghillies, wildlife managers and rangers helps to sustain a game and country sports industry worth over £350 million annually to the Scottish economy.

It is a bulwark industry in rural areas and its national contribution dwarves many significant industries in Scotland including wildlife tourism which is estimated to generate £276 million for the Scottish economy (source: Wildlife Tourism in Scotland Guide, Scottish Govt, 2012).

Sporting Shooting generates £240 million a year to the national exchequer (source: PACEC Report, 2006) while angling generates £113 million annually (source: Scottish Govt report: The Economic Importance of Game and Coarse Angling in Scotland, 2004).

Sporting shooting sustains 11 000 full-time jobs in Scotland, often in fragile and remote communities, and supports the equivalent of 2000 conservation jobs. 1.5 million gun days are generated per year, with each shooting provider creating 202 visitor nights per year. (source: PACEC, 2006).

Freshwater angling in Scotland supports 2800 jobs and generates nearly £50m in wages annually. According to the Scottish Govt’s 2004 report, The Economic Importance of Game and Coarse Angling in Scotland, the cessation of salmon angling in Scotland would reduce annual household income in the highlands by £12.5 million per year and employment by 781 full-time jobs.

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