Climate Change Mitigation Techniques

Members of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association are experts in managing habitat for the benefit of game species. These techniques benefit many species and the wider environment contributing towards significant outcomes within Scottish Government Policy.


Fallow Doe. Image Credit: A. Hogg

‘By 2045, Scotland’s nature is protected and restored with flourishing biodiversity and clean air and healthy air, water, seas and soils’. The Environment Strategy for Scotland: Vision and Outcomes 2020.

Climate Change

Climate change is considered a driver of change; frequency of fires in the uplands and woodlands is predicted to increase and invasive non-native species are a major driver of biodiversity loss.


Working alongside the Fire and Rescue service, our members, experts in habitat management and fire-fighting techniques, together with local knowledge, provide an essential toolkit, solutions and mitigation techniques towards climate hazards and biodiversity loss.

Peatland Retoration

Peatland Restoration. Image Credit: L. George

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