Game Shooting

Of the 480 000 people who enjoy sporting shooting in Britain, almost half of those shoot in Scotland. International visitors are also lured to our hills, moors and straths every year, returning to enjoy a premium sporting product.

Without the habitat and wildlife management of our skilled gamekeepers, stalkers, ghillies, wildlife managers and rangers, Scotland could not offer such high value experiences, whether the quarry is grouse, pheasant, partridge or duck.

By joining The Scottish Gamekeepers Association, your insurance cover will enable you to enjoy the best of sporting shooting in Scotland and shooting abroad.

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Game Shooting Seasons in Scotland

Pheasant: 1st October - 1st February
Partridge: 1st September - 1st February
Grouse: 12th August - 10th December
Ptarmigan:12th August - 10th December
Blackgame: 20th August - 10th December
Common snipe:12th August - 31st January
Jack snipe: Protected
Woodcock: 1st September – 31st January

Ground Game Seasons
Brown Hare: October 1st - January 31st
Rabbit: Jan 1 – Dec 31 moorland & unenclosed land is subject to a close season.

In Scotland, the occupier of the land or persons authorised by him may kill rabbit throughout the year on moorland and unenclosed land (not being arable) by all legal means other than by shooting, and by means of firearms over the period from 1 July to 31 March inclusive (Section 1 (3) of the Ground Game Act 1880 as modified by the Agriculture (Scotland) Act 1948).

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