Aims of the SGA

The aims of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association are to:

Promote the work keepers, stalkers, land and river ghillies, wildlife managers and rangers do for the good of the countryside and its management
Educate our members in aspects of the law and good practice on wildlife and conservation matters
To promote the welfare of members when issues concerning their jobs come under attack from pressure groups and government policies
To liaise with other organisations and rural alliances and to point out the implications should shooting and angling ever be restricted in Scotland.

These aims are met in a variety of ways, but one of the most important is the maintenance of links with Scottish Government Ministers, MSPs and other organisations such as NatureScot. Contact takes a variety of forms from individual meetings with officials and their departments, through to the issue of consultation responses and sitting as stakeholders on policy groups.

We campaign vigorously on behalf of our members and are always prepared to argue our case based on sound practical knowledge. We are equally committed to ensuring that the press and media receive a balanced view of land management, chiefly by explaining the critical importance of the work of our members for biodiversity and the rural economy.

And just as important, we are keen to engage with the public to dispel myths and explain our role in making the wonderful Scottish countryside what it is, so that we are properly seen as Scotland's true conservationists.

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Alex Hogg

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