Give Scottish Government your views in SGA-backed survey

The SGA is urging members to participate in a 15 minute online survey which will help inform future government policy regarding our work in the countryside.

The anonymous, independent survey - which is targeted at gamekeepers, deer and wildlife managers, is being launched as part of Scottish Government’s current review into grouse shooting.

However, it also welcomes input from the wider sector, whether a moorland manager, a deer stalker or wildlife manager/ranger.

It is imperative our members involved in these activities take part in order to send a clear indication to policy makers about our jobs and motivation, as well as the challenges we face as land managers every day.

Only by taking part can we ensure that decision makers have the information available to make rounded and informed policy when it comes to our industry.

You will find easy to answer questions about employment, training and life as a land manager. Other topical questions include wildlife crime and third party activity on estates such as damage to legal predator control equipment such as traps and snares.

The SGA is an approved partner to the independent survey, which is being conducted for Scottish Government by SRUC.

"The Scottish Gamekeepers Association encourages members to complete this anonymous survey. It takes roughly 15 minutes and will provide policy makers with a greater understanding of what motivates land managers today, their working conditions and the challenges they face," said SGA Chairman Alex Hogg.

It is an opportunity to inform future policy and all our members working in the game sector should fill in it.

Members should not hang about, though. The survey will only run for around a month and closes on Sunday 26th January, 2020.

*This is not an open survey. Members will only be able to complete the online survey by typing in their SGA membership number, when prompted.

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