Environment Minister Gillian Martin MSP today (30th Nov) announced she intends to bring forward a specific offence to cover trap wrecking and interference in the Wildlife Management and Muirburn Bill.


The announcement was made in the Holyrood chamber as MSPs debated and passed Stage One (the overall General Principles) of the new Bill by 82 votes to 32. There are a further 2 stages to go before the Bill becomes law.


Watch the Minister's announcement below.


This amendment will bring to a close a long-standing campaign by the Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) on behalf of members who have suffered such damage regularly for many years.


The SGA recently met with the Minister to make the case for a new offence to be brought forward to create a robust deterrent against deliberate damage and to protect wildlife and public safety. The move was also recommended by the Rural Affairs and Islands Committee in its Stage One report.


Welcoming today's news, SGA Chairman Alex Hogg, MBE, said: 

“Today’s announcement from Minister Gillian Martin MSP during the Stage One debate of the Wildlife Management and Muirburn Bill that she intends to bring forward a specific offence at Stage Two is warmly welcomed by everyone connected with the SGA.
“Not only does this represent a sensible end to a long campaign by ourselves, it is a common sense move for wildlife and for public safety as well as professional operators.
“At the SGA we will continue to advocate the benefits of professional, legal trapping for conservation and economic purposes in Scotland. This announcement assists that process by offering clarity to everyone on what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to the operation of legal and approved predator control tools in our countryside.”
Image: Wrecked trap left un-housed and made illegal by criminal activity
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