Hunting with Dogs Bill now law - info and advice for members

The Hunting with Dogs Bill is now in place, along with licensing provisions, and members should make themselves aware of the new provisions in order to carry out fox management with trained dogs, lawfully.

Professional foot packs looking to use more than 2 scenting dogs in dense upland forestry will now have to fill out a livestock licence form for preventing serious damage.

Given that this is an entirely new licensing scheme, the SGA advises that applications should be submitted well ahead of the required period and applicants communicate with the NatureScot licensing team if there are any issues regarding requirements.

If the primary purpose for the use of a foot pack is for Environmental Benefit, the Environmental Benefit licence form will have to be submitted to NatureScot.


Need for a workable process


Right up to the last few days, the SGA was doing all it could to make the licensing application process more workable and to try to avoid scenarios where the administrative bar would be too high to prevent legitimate licences from being obtained.

We spoke to NatureScot regarding evidential requirements and hope that the issues discussed can lead to a scenario where both regulator and applicant are satisfied and the process can be workable.

The proof will come in the weeks and months ahead, as applications are made and we hope to be able to maintain dialogue as the scheme works through, in order to assist our members who require the use of foot packs because other methods will not work.

NatureScot has committed to keeping its licensing processes under review.


You can read the final Bill, here:


Guidance for applicants and the 2 different Application forms can be found, here:


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