2023-06-20 Grouse Bill latest, including how to watch LIVE

The next stage of the Wildlife Management and Muirburn Bill will be discussed at Holyrood tomorrow (Wed 21st June).


Curlew benefit from skilled predator and habitat management by gamekeepers on grouse moors

Following last week’s evidence session, in which SGA Chairman Alex Hogg took part (see details and videos, here: https://www.scottishgamekeepers.co.uk/latest-news/2023/2023-06-15-sga-gives-evidence-on-grouse-bill.php) the discussions move onto Grouse Moor licensing and muirburn.


The full list of who is giving evidence can be found, here: https://www.parliament.scot/chamber-and-committees/committees/current-and-previous-committees/session-6-rural-affairs-and-islands-committee/meetings/2023/rais62319/agenda

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Despite the SGA writing to the Rural Affairs Committee to ask why there was so little representation from actual muirburn practitioners for the section on Muirburn, the original list of witnesses, disappointingly, stands.


With a plethora of recent forest wildfires, outside of the burning season, the testimony of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service will be important, if Scottish people, property and key habitats are to be protected into the future rather than be made more susceptible by the Bill’s proposals around Muirburn, particularly around peatlands.

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The Flow Country fire (2019) was stopped after a digger dug a firebreak deep into the peat to prevent the wildfire spreading further

The session is due to start at 8.45am and the Committee will consider its work programme, first. 


Proceedings are likely to kick off around the 9am mark and can be viewed on the Parliament TV page, here: https://www.scottishparliament.tv/


When accessing the page, you will find a signpost to the Rural Affairs and Islands Committee meeting and click on that, to view all the proceedings.


Following the session, the next steps will be Wednesday 28th June when Minister Mairi Gougeon speaks to the Committee on the evidence so far and answers key questions on the Bill.


Following the summer recess, the Committee will then agree its draft report on Stage 1 by 13th September, with Stage 1 (including Parliamentary debate and vote) timetabled to conclude no later than 6th October. 


The Bill will then move to Stage 2 where the Committee will consider and vote on amendments to the draft Bill. 



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