Petition on recognition of local knowledge is heard



The Petition to ‘Formally recognise and incorporate local knowledge in Scottish Government Policy’ (Petition 1966) submitted by Helen Ferguson on behalf of The SGA, has been heard at Holyrood. 

The Committee will now write to Scottish Govt and NatureScot for their views and we await the replies. The Petition is therefore continued. We thank everyone who signed this petition in support of practitioner knowledge and the need for it to be equally reflected in environmental decision making in Scotland, alongside other forms of knowledge such as scientific studies.


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There was also debate on the Petition to retain Upland Falconry, with a particular admission that, due to the Greens lodging the Mountain Hare protection amendment at Stage 3 (Animals and Wildlife Bill), Scottish Government did not have time to do a Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment (ordinarily done with substantive amendments at an earlier stage).


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