Insurance Boost for SGA members

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The SGA office is delighted to advise that, from the 1st January 2023, the B1 membership category will be phased out because the benefits currently received within this category will also become available by taking out full membership.


Currently, B1 membership (including insurance for those such as beaters/contractors earning up to £5000 per annum) is £50 per year while full membership is £40.


However, those joining or renewing their membership after January 1st will receive all the previous B1 category insurance benefits through full membership- at less cost. 


The change has come about thanks to our insurance brokers being able to add this into the full member policy. Existing B1 members will still be fully covered for the full year and can switch over to full membership at their next renewal date.


In a further boost, all UK-based insured members are covered to shoot anywhere in the world apart from USA and Canada. All we require is for members to contact the office when they are going abroad so that it can be noted on the record for verification purposes, should a claim require to be submitted.


***Finally the office would ask that you please ensure that all contact information is kept up to date to ensure that you always receive correspondence issued from the office whether that is via email, post or telephone. The more current email addresses we have, the more you can ensure you receive all you need from us, including our newsletters covering all activities of the SGA.

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