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Shooting report

Do you participate in shooting, in any way? If so, help us -  so we can help you! 

The last two Value of Shooting Reports in 2006 and 2014 have helped us to make the Economic, Environmental and Social  case for Shooting to decision makers. Now is the time to update that contribution.

The research covers all forms of shooting, from live quarry to target shooting and requires responses from shoots, shooters, shooting businesses and those who take part in shooting in some way but don’t shoot (e.g. beaters, pickers up, coaches, volunteers).

The results of the study will be published in summer 2023 and will be used to lobby government and influence policymakers, quantifying the contribution made by the shooting sector in this country.

Chair of the Value of Shooting steering group, Caroline Bedell, said: “This piece of research will help us build a picture of the economic, environmental and social value of shooting in the UK. The aim of the survey is to obtain independent and robust facts and figures that underpin the importance of shooting.

“The previous two reports have proved indispensable in showcasing and defending shooting’s worth and it is now time to revisit and update this research.”

If you haven’t yet completed the Value of Shooting survey, please visit www.valueofshooting.co.uk to take part.

The survey closes on 16 September.

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