RSPB claim 'neutrality' on game shooting

The start of the Grouse Season on 12th August brings media attention every year.

Here, SGA Media reviews the news landscape so far, as RSPB tells Scottish Daily Mail its stance on game shooting is 'neutral'. Commentators have disputed this assertion. See the story, below.


  • RSPB claims it is 'neutral' on game shooting despite calls for an immediate moratorium on gamebird releases due to Avian Flu
  • Scottish Government tells the Press and Journal that no cases of Avia Flu have been identified in Scottish Grouse species, as an anti-grouse shooting group implies the season should be stopped
  • The SGA reassures that the sector would comply with all biosecurity rules should Avian Flu be identified in game farms

Scottish Daily Mail

RSPB has claimed it is neutral on shooting despite calling for an immediate stop to gamebird releasing

Press and Journal

Scottish Government officials have told a Press and Journal reporter than NO cases of Avian flu have been identified in Scottish grouse, as a known anti-grouse shooting group has called on the season not to go ahead (click article link below).



Scottish Government has confirmed that no cases of Avian Flu have been found in Scottish grouse species despite anti grouse moor group, Revive, calling for the season to be stopped.

Grouse Season is good business

The start of the season has made the Business Pages, with Scottish Business Insider focusing on the economic importance of the season, on the same day as it was announced that the UK economy had shrunk by 0.1% between April and June.

Click here:

The Scottish Farmer and Peeblesshire News carried the same story




While STV ran with RSPB's call for a moratorium, they also focused on the economic spin-off of the grouse season. Click, here:

SOUND UP!!!! SGA Chairman Alex Hogg, MBE, has been speaking to BBC Radio 4's Farming Programme about the economic spin-off of the 2022 grouse season for remote rural communities. Click below to listen. NB: If watching on YouTube, remember and hit SUBSCRIBE to grow the SGA following on the platform. 

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