Lord Benyon writes to SGA on Bird Flu

Lord Benyon wrote to the SGA on DEFRA's attempts to break the impasse on French imports of birds.

SGA Chairman Alex Hogg MBE today received a letter from the Rt Hon Lord Benyon, DEFRA Rural Affairs Minister, explaining the challenges posed by the Bird Flu outbreaks to this year’s shooting season.

The SGA were grateful to receive the communication, albeit aware that the outcome is not one the sector would have chosen.

At the GWCT Scottish Game Fair, the SGA has organised for comments books to be on the stand so members impacted by the repercussions of Avian flu on imports of birds from France can tell us the challenges they face.

The SGA will continue to do all we can in the face of this difficult situation and we encourage people effected to write to us or fill in the comments books this weekend (if at the Game Fair).

You can read Lord Benyon’s letter, in full, below.

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