Hunting With Dogs Bill: Licensing must be workable

The red listed Curlew is in steep decline globally.

The Hunting With Dogs (Scotland) Bill was laid before the Scottish Parliament on Thursday (24/2/22). 

You can see the Minister's statement and the Bill details, below:

Scottish Gamekeepers Association Chairman Alex Hogg, MBE, has told the Media that a licensing system, permitting the use of a foot pack for specific circumstances, must be flexible and workable. He said: “Any licensing system must be workable for land management professionals.

“Lamb loss has financial and mental health implications. Land managers need help to stem the the downward spiral in upland bird species. It is fact, not conjecture, the fox is one of the biggest predators of ground-nesting species and needs to be managed humanely. When it comes to the Curlew, for example, we are facing possible extinction. The Capercaillie, too.

“Chucking away good tools to avoid such scenarios would be short-sighted and well trained scenting dogs are the best and most humane tool in forested upland environments.”

Scottish Gamekeepers Association Chairman Alex Hogg, MBE, says fox control licences using trained dogs must be workable for professional land managers.

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