Local Area Fishing Emerges From Lockdown


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Commenting on the announcement that local area fishing can take place in Scotland as of Friday (29th May), Charlie Whelan, ambassador for The SGA Fishing Group, said: 
"We look forward to seeing a few more local people back out enjoying the wonderful rivers and fisheries in their communities and the high quality angling experiences on offer in Scotland.
“This move will benefit people’s mental and physical wellbeing and it will also be great to see kids back out fishing within their family groups.
“We reiterate the First Minister’s view. Anglers and those providing angling need to be respectful of the national progress made in keeping the virus in check. They need to make responsible judgements.
“That way, the angling community will be playing an important part in potentially getting more things opened up in future. 
“We have fielded questions regarding how far people can travel and what they can and can’t do, and circumstances can be different. Everyone angling and providing angling must ensure that travelling remains within the local area and that all other measures such as social distancing and minimising the risk of transmission of Covid 19 can be achieved.”
The SGA Fishing Group made its case to Scottish Ministers that local area angling could meet Government's safety threshold as it considered lockdown easing measures.
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Stoney Creek
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